We're told we should endure for this or that

Post Apocalyptic Scene Development | Advanced Animation ...

You’re told a new beginning is ahead
So noose a hundred camels while you’re on
It’s all post-apocalyptic now
Nose dripping freely in the lawn

The records spin on gasps of air in troughs
Which children drink from knowing they will die
The horns of Moses tangle in a knot
As fashioned for the canvass in a lie

Butter hails in the boulevard of splits
You ruminate or masturbate in shifts
Should poison think to pour itself a glass
You’re busy cherry picking from the if’s

We’re told we should endure for this or that
Eyes shut in tight cacophony
Authors lay out stones for walking on
Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani

Divorce, a word for cowering at the hip
Insane asylums built for such a thing
I have a ticket for that very trip
And slip the skinny finger from the ring

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